The internet may have revolutionized the advertising world but that doesn’t mean the print publications like yellow pages are worthless. It’s not exactly possible to know how much people are actually using the print yellow pages 


Larger metropolitan areas may not be relying on print yellow pages but that may not be the case with smaller towns. The small town consumers still seem to continue using the books than big city consumers.  


There are some business categories like techno-gadgets that you can most certainly expect your customer to reach you by internet, tablet or mobile phones. When a customer needs to search out a plumber or an electrician they still reach out to the big yellow book. So it is imperative to consider the geographic location and the nature of your business when you go to publish your advertisements in print yellow pages 


Older consumers still use the print directories more than the youngsters who will most likely go for the internet at the slightest hint. Hotel rooms still come with phone directories will have yellow pages that have countless ads on travel operators. The yellow pages are mostly referred for restaurants and hotels and even in larger metro areas those ads will get a dedicated viewership.  


There is a popular opinion that the price is much higher than the online media but if the stakes are high like a luxury class automotive dealer the price disadvantage can be countered by gaining a client. There is no need for a larger ad to get noticed. The consumers are not bothered about how big it is. They just want to get the information they want. So a small column with sufficient exposure, your tag line and contact numbers is sufficient enough for those bells to ring.  


 When posed with questions like where in the nearby locality do I get a head band, people will just go and take the yellow book. They won’t look in the internet. Not because it is not there but because the local shop may not have a web page or there is lot of junk info. What if you are at the end of your data limit and you want to search shops? The good old yellow pages directory is the only solution.  


 There are many small scale businesses like packers and movers that you will see in a yellow directory. When you want to shift to another location, you just take the yellow book and dial the number. Likewise if you need a pest control expert, a gardener, a house help the yellow prints are your best source of reliable local information and Yellow Pages New Jersey Bergen County does exactly that. Give you all the information that you need.