Yellow Pages, Still Relevant in Today’s Time

Even before Google was brought to life, Yellow Pages have been already around. For many, they are considered to be the original search engine, making it easy for people to look for contact information of any business they are looking for. In a time wherein digital media continues to rise in terms of popularity, there are many who believe that Yellow Pages are already useless. Nonetheless, the truth is, they are still relevant. Yellow Pages New Jersey still provides an attractive channel for directory listings, and more importantly, for small business advertising. Print media is not dying. It is getting stronger as it complements digital marketing strategies in ways more than one.   


The Numbers Game  


The Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) supports the claim with regards to the relevance of Yellow Pages, especially as a viable option for affordable advertising. According to the organization, from 2010 to 2013, there has been a 28% increase in the number of calls that have been received by businesses because of their ads in print. In addition, it has been also noted that advertisers earned an average of $81,000 annually because of the use of Yellow Pages. It remains to be the number one source of local business information in spite of the popularity of other alternatives. With more than 48 million adults still relying on print, there is no doubt why such is an excellent choice for small business advertising 


Yellow Pages Can Be Found Online  


For those who are thinking that Yellow Pages New Jersey is an advertising strategy that is only exclusive to print, they are confined with the wrong belief. As a response to the trend towards going digital, they can now be also found online. You can see a lot of local directories in their electronic format, which can be accessible in specific websites. Since they are available both in print and digital formats, there is a higher likelihood that it will be able to reach more people.  


Your Best Choice for Yellow Pages New Jersey  


Given the fact that it is still alive and can still be utilized for affordable advertising, if you are looking for the best company for the publication of Yellow Pages, one of the options that you can consider would be Your Town Directory. Apart from publishing printed Yellow Pages, the company also provides an electronic directory that people will be able to find online. More so, while they offer traditional print advertising, they also specialize in other forms of online advertising. Working with the company can be beneficial in ways more than one because businesses will be able to take advantage of both traditional and contemporary channels for marketing, which will also double the positive impacts it can create.