Benefits of Yellow Pages and Directory Advertising

If you’ve ever been concerned that yellow page directories for local businesses will be going out of print, don’t worry. Though the rise of technology has definitely changed many people’s mindset toward printed advertising, it doesn’t mean that hard copy print ads will become obsolete. The fact of the matter is, if the internet fails, where do you go to find contacts for a business? If there is an emergency and you don’t have access to a computer, the directory is the first place most people will go. 

Having this knowledge has served to push many small businesses to advertise themselves in the yellow pages for a very affordable price. Your Town Directory in northern New Jersey has been exceedingly helpful in this regard. Currently they have distributed their product to over 250 000 people throughout Bergen and Passaic County.  

Calls to local businesses from yellow pages and print ads are steadily increasing from year to year and the amount of sales made from customer’s purchasing through print ads are about 10,000's dollars.  The percentage of conversion rate for print ads is upwards of 50% compared to a dwindling 3% online.  

In addition calls made from print ads are much more likely to be service related and for much higher value purchases. Calls from online ads tend to be more entertainment or retail related, which is considered to be of lower value.  

If you are a small business or a business entrepreneur living in New Jersey, you might want to consider advertising through Your Town Directory. Their design is very beautiful, convenient and brilliantly showcases your brand. You have the choice of a few different placements from the Premium, to the inside cover of the Yellow Pages. In addition, Your Town Directory will also allow you to advertise your business through coupons or other promotions. You have numerous other options to choose from for placement and all for very affordable prices.   

They help you to advertise very aggressively with more detailed information that will help you get your message across to the public. Yellow Pages in New Jersey not only help to provide hard print copies of Your Town Directory, but they also provide the option of an e-Directory as well. 

The two options of print yellow pages and e-directories actually go hand in hand very well. Both complement each other and help bring more knowledge of your business to your clientele. Many people of the older generation (over 40 years) still much prefer hard print ads as supposed to the online ads that younger audiences tend to gravitate toward. Using both forms of advertising will ensure that your message gets out to people of all age groups.  

If you haven’t looked into print advertising before, it is a very worthwhile investment. Many small businesses are taking advantage of this affordable advertising through Your Town Directory, but there are places to look as well should you not be a local to New Jersey. Print Yellow Pages are not dead. They are very much alive and well!