Affordable Advertising Yellow Pages for Small Businesses of New Jersey

With the growth of the internet over the last two decades, some local small business advertisers have shifted away from print advertising such as the Yellow Pages in places like New Jersey, according to some researchers. Some might believe the internet offers a far more viable source of affordable advertising, why would you need to go anywhere else? It’s really not an accurate assumption because the power of the Yellow Pages is still alive and well even in bustling places like NJ. 

At Your Town Directory, we provide people with a wealth of affordable advertising services including SEO and web design, but we still believe that one of the most effective forms of advertising is using the Yellow Pages. The popular ad paper is still growing all the time, and today it’s still receiving a huge amount of advertising revenue for people all across the web. It’s estimated that anyone who makes an ad with the Yellow Pages makes 10 times more for every dollar spent on small business advertising in the Yellow Pages.  

In the past three years, too, the growth of small businesses contacting directories has been massive. It’s a growing industry that many people are now interested in, making it easier than ever for people to start really feeling confident about their futures within finding affordable advertising. Whilst having a cool website and a YouTube video that is going viral can be nice, you shouldn't discredit reliable forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages just yet. 

It would be foolish to discredit such an important part of society at the moment, especially as people who aren't quite as tech savvy are likely to stick with what they know when I comes to small business advertising. In New Jersey, though, you’ll find that the listings are as busy and as exciting as ever. In fact, it’s estimated that using a Yellow Pages ad can provide you with better value for money than advertising at the Super Bowl; talk about affordable advertising! 

The jump in the figures over the last few years has been absolutely vital, and usually will require you to start moving up the ladder in the right fashion. In fact, in the last three years calls to business via print ads has increased by 28%; this is a huge jump and can give you a rough idea of just how big these services are at the moment.  

However, another key part of the Yellow Pages return to prominence is the fat that those advertising in the paper were capable of making $81,000 from investing just $3,280 back into the Yellow Pages system; this is an incredible return!  

So, the next time you are fixing the advertising budget for the year, make sure to consider the Yellow Pages once again – it can be your ticket to being able to dominate New Jersey for years to come, via affordable advertising!