Why Affordable Advertising in the Yellow Pages Really Works

Yellow Pages are Still Working for Consumers and Businesses  

While there is no doubt that the internet has changed the way many people look for retail businesses, restaurants and shops in their community, the Yellow Pages is still a very affordable, effective way for companies to advertise. Over the years, the Yellow Pages New Jersey companies have used for their small business advertising is still one of the most cost effective means of reaching potential customers.  

Why Affordable Advertising in the Yellow Pages Really Works 

According to the Association of Direct Publishers, they estimate that the return of investment is roughly $24 for every dollar spent on advertising in the Yellow Pages. In fact, over the past three years calls to businesses from such directory listings actually increased by almost one-third which demonstrates the continued effectiveness of this medium. As the internet has constantly undergone changes over the past decade, the traditional phone book is still being appreciated and used in great numbers thanks to its effectiveness in reaching so many potential customers.  

The results certainly run contrary to the popular belief that all advertising has gone online. While the internet does provide a fast, simple and affordable way to reach potential new customers, the Yellow Pages are still being used daily by millions of people who find them to be fast, convenient and portable. It’s little wonder that more small businesses are re-discovering the effectiveness of the phone book and its many uses as an advertising tool.  

Why Choose Yellow Pages New Jersey? 

There are several reasons why you should consider advertising in the Yellow Pages, especially in today’s economy where every dollar you spend on marketing really needs to count.  

Time Honored Advertising: Millions of people still use the Yellow Pages as their primary means of finding businesses. The books are often kept in the home and can be quickly used to find all types of services in many cases faster that it would be to look them up online.  

Dual Promotion: The local Yellow Pages for Bergen County, NJ as well as part of Passaic County also feature a downloadable e-directory that can be used online. This means that you can reach potential customer through the traditional printed phone book as well as online, making this an excellent choice for your company.  

Affordable Advertising: All things considered, marketing your business in the Yellow Pages is one of the most affordable and effective solutions available. Your ads will be available to the public for years as the book is continually used by residents to find the services they desire.  

The Yellow Pages New Jersey residents use on a daily basis is one that works with online resources. In fact, you can contact our company for effective online advertising services such as the following; 

  • Google Ad 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  • Web Design 

  • Social Media Marketing and more! 

You can find all of these services in one agency that combines the small business advertising advantages of the traditional Yellow Pages with the latest in online marketing methods to really promote your business.